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jpeg2RAW - Show #197 - A.D Wheeler - Editing Software Spe...

15 Aug 2017

Posted by jpeg2RAW - Mike in Podcast Episodes - jpeg2RAW

Topic - Editing Software demo


Guest - A.D. Wheeler


Show Notes -  


Calendar Entry  - 


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jpeg2RAW - Show #196 - Going into Debt for Gear

12 Aug 2017

Posted by jpeg2RAW - Mike in Podcast Episodes - jpeg2RAW

Topic - Going into Debt for Gear


Guest - Hosts


Show Notes -  


Calendar Entry  - 


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Paul retoucher

31 Dec 2016

Posted by pallkris in Member Introductions

Hi there!


My name is Paul. Pall Kris is my trademark for services.


I work as a photo retoucher for a few photographers. It's an online / remote thing.


I love photography and editing. It's ok because many times photographers don't have time for edits so they send to me :)


I'm working to update my website http://pallkris.com


I will attach here some of my favorite edits.









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jpeg2RAW - Show #195 - Scott Norris

22 Jul 2017

Posted by jpeg2RAW - Mike in Podcast Episodes - jpeg2RAW

Topic - 365 Photo Project & minimalism photography


Guest - Hosts - Scott Norris


Show Notes -  


Calendar Entry  - 


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jpeg2RAW - Show #194 - Lightroom People View

18 Jun 2017

Posted by jpeg2RAW - Mike in Podcast Episodes - jpeg2RAW

Topic - Lightroom People View


Guest - Hosts - Tim & Mike


Show Notes -  http://www.jpeg2raw....om-people-view/


Calendar Entry  - 


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jpeg2RAW - Show #193 - Crop Sensor Camera - Nikon D500

29 May 2017

Posted by jpeg2RAW - Mike in Podcast Episodes - jpeg2RAW

Topic - Crop Senser Camera - Nikon D500


Guest - Hosts - Tim & Mike


Show Notes -  http://www.jpeg2raw....-a-crop-sensor/


Calendar Entry  - http://www.jpeg2raw....t/383-show-193/






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jpeg2RAW - Show #192 - Curtis Hustace

23 Apr 2017

Posted by jpeg2RAW - Mike in Podcast Episodes - jpeg2RAW

Topic - Light Painting & Product Photography


Guest - Hosts - Curtis Hustace


Show Notes -  http://www.jpeg2raw....1-end-of-nikon/


Calendar Entry  - http://www.jpeg2raw....curtis-hustace/



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jpeg2RAW - Show #191 - End of Nikon?

05 Apr 2017

Posted by jpeg2RAW - Mike in Podcast Episodes - jpeg2RAW

Topic - End of Nikon?


Guest - Hosts - Tim & Mike


Show Notes -  http://www.jpeg2raw....1-end-of-nikon/


Calendar Entry  - 


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How to submit contest images to Facebook Album

18 Mar 2017

Posted by jpeg2RAW - Mike in Contest & Challenges

I did a post in both our Beginner's group and the regular jpeg2RAW group on Facebook.  Here is the link to the Facebook post - https://www.facebook...51442288254746/



From time to time, I get asked “How do I enter the jpeg2RAW Monthly Photo Contest?” or “What is the theme of this month’s contest?”.  Hopefully this post will help answer those questions.
There are 2 ways to enter the contest.  Through our website (http://www.jpeg2raw....hoto-challenge/) and through the Facebook group.  This post explains the Facebook Group method of entering.
The screen shot below is of the jpeg2RAW Facebook Group.  In the Red circle, you can see the “Pinned Post” name and then directly below that is the post.
Pinned Post.png
Below is the mobile view of the Facebook Group.  Note that the Pinned post is closed and you need to click on the "View Pinned Post" link to reveal it.
Pinned Post - Mobile.png
Let’s take a closer look at the Contest Post.
Contest Post.png
There are 3 main things to note about the post, other than the images of course.
  1. This is the link to the Contest Album.  Click here to go to the next screen where you can upload your image.
  2. This is the Theme of the Contest.  In this case, it was “Best of 2016”, which was the best image you took in 2016.
  3. Link to the contest rules.
After you click on the Contest Album link (#1 above), you will see a screen like this one:

Contest Album.png



Note the 3 numbered items above:
  1. Theme of the Contest
  2. Contest Rules
  3. Click the “Add Photos” link to add your image.
To add your image, click the Add Photos link (#3 above) and you will see a screen asking you to upload your image.  Find the image you want to add (should be no less than 2048px on the long end) and upload it.  Once it has been uploaded, you will see a screen like this one:
Image Add.png
On the screen above is where you add some information about your image.  You can include the technical info, which can be very helpful to others, but also remember to include something about why you took the image, what it means to you and/or what you where trying to achieve with the image.
Ok, so now you have your image posted and you decide that you want to replace it with another image.  
Click the link to go back into the album, find your image and then click the little pencil icon in the upper right of the image.  A dropdown menu will appear (see below), click on the “Remove This Photo” link to remove your image.
Remove Image.png


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Keen to hear feedback on some of my favorite photos

06 Mar 2017

Posted by Cookie in Photo Critique

Tried to photograph the fireworks, trialing different apertures and shutter speeds.

Jpeg2Raw critique (1).jpg

Action shot at local basketball club, jump balls only happen once a game now.

Jpeg2Raw critique (2).jpg

Some street art, this one caught my eye and loved how the shadow fell across the owls face (first attempt at HDR photography)

Jpeg2Raw critique (3).jpg

Visited some friends up north and had a great time on the donuts, wanted to photograph some action.

Jpeg2Raw critique (4).jpg

This street art is in a location not normally open to the public, wanted to bring out the colors with HDR.

Jpeg2Raw critique (5).jpg

Visited this bay to see the unusual red alga alga on the rocks, loved the look of the waves crashing over this rock.

Jpeg2Raw critique (6).jpg

I love wrens, this one was just teasing me for a while and finally came to rest about 5 metres away, snapped this one from the hip.

Jpeg2Raw critique (7).jpg

This wasp was actually not originally a macro shot, but the sharpness of the original photo ment that I could crop it in post to focus on it.

Jpeg2Raw critique (8).jpg

This was the view from a house we stayed at in Tasmania, loved the look of the valley in the golden hour.

Jpeg2Raw critique (9).jpg

After sunset the purples and blues were so unusual I tried a HDR to bring out the natural colors we could see.

Jpeg2Raw critique (10).jpg

This massive tree was towering over this little clearing, wanted HDR to show how imposing and beautiful it looked.

Jpeg2Raw critique (11).jpg

This waterfall is quite famous in these parts and this day had been raining fairly steadily so the flow was good but not too strong, stood in the river to capture this HDR as the shadow had put the waterfall in near darkness.

[attachment=416:Jpeg2Raw critique (12).jpg]

A famous boat shed and a famous shot, wanted to put my own HDR style to it and made the clouds look almost stormy.

Jpeg2Raw critique (13).jpg

This street art looked really well done and had vivid detail, wanted HDR to capture the true colors of this masterpiece.

Jpeg2Raw critique (14).jpg

This police station in Tel Aviv features on many postcards and I was keen to get my own photo of this iconic building and alley way.

Jpeg2Raw critique (15).jpg

I loved this massive river running through the town of Salsburg, tried HDR Panorama for first time.

Jpeg2Raw critique (16).jpg

Another HDR Panorama to show the breath taking view over Salsburg from this ancient Fort.

Jpeg2Raw critique (17).jpg

Was disappointed by the view from the top of the mountain, but the low cloud gave this forest floor an almost fairy tail appearance.

Jpeg2Raw critique (18).jpg

These ferns and fallen tree caught my eye and the colors were so gorgeous, this HDR needed a lot of work in post to bring out the detail.

Jpeg2Raw critique (19).jpg

This aboriginal street art was huge and was difficult to find the right spot to photograph it, I hoped this HDR would work in post and I was thrilled by the result.

Jpeg2Raw critique (20).jpg

This street art was so mesmerizing and the greens were so deep, I tried to capture the depth the artist painted onto this wall.

Jpeg2Raw critique (21).jpg

I love these flowers, it's not often you find one nestled in amonst the the green fronds.

Jpeg2Raw critique (22).jpg

This tree was very large and photographing it from so close was tricky, but the combination of HDR and aperture also brought out the lights in this dark alley way.

Jpeg2Raw critique (23).jpg


Hope you like my photos. Looking forward to hearing feedback good and bad. Hoping to improve my eye for photography so I don't need to work so hard in post.

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